Camiño/a + Compostela Ilustrada [book project/exhibition/illustration symposium] 06 + 11/2017


In early summer four female illustrators set out to sketch the Way of St James, more exactly the Portuguese coastal route which had been officially recognised earlier in 2017.

Teresa Ruivo and Fernanda Lamelas captured the impressions between Porto and Caminha the last week of may. Blanca Escrigas and me took over on may 30th and started with our guide Paula Cabaleiro in A Guarda. For one week we sketched from morning till late at night and I brought back with me 2 large sketchbooks full of impressions of our journey.

On basis of those sketches drawn on location all uf us made a series of illustrations for a book. They were also shown in a group show at Galería Sargadelos/Santiago de Compostela in October and November.

In mid-November sketcher and illustrator from all over Portugal and Spain came together for Compostela Ilustrada II, the second international illustration symposium organized, as well as the sketching trip and the exhibition, by the publishing house El Patito Editorial. Blanca and I gave a lecture on our experience of the sketching trip and like the other invited illustrators I offered a Workshop.