[Lübeck/Germany 1980]

Shape, colour and an attentive look engulfed her so deeply so long ago that she was compelled to retrace these worlds over and over through the depthlessness of pigment on paper, solidified in a drop of gum Arabic and diluted in a sea of water. This way she discovers the real world that surrounds her: the quaint town set in the North of Orense, and her adopted homeland, Galicia.
Isabell Seidel

Isabell has worked with her hands from her earliest childhood on experimenting with colours, forms and materials. With her mother, a draughtswomen by profession, she shares the passion for painting, drawing, sewing, gardening and travelling. So when she starts studying they begin to travel just the two of them and for the only purpose sketching.

She studies architecture in Lübeck and later german and spanish philology and educational science in Hamburg. After graduating she completes her formation as a German and Spanish teacher in Schleswig-Holstein and passes the 2. State Examination with first class honours in 2010. Since 2011 she is a lecturer at the faculty of philology and translation of Vigo´s University and at the same time has got more and more involved in regional and national artistic activities.

She has been a correspondent and administrator for Urban Sketchers Spain for some time and promotes urban sketching in Galicia by organising regular meetings, group exhibitions, lectures about on location drawing and by inviting artists from other parts of the Iberian Peninsula to enrich the group´s activities.

At the same time she continously strives to extend her personal skills. She attented the 2. and 4. International Urban Sketching Symposium in Lisbon (2011) and Barcelona (2013) and studied cabinetmaking at the Antonio Failde School of Art and Design/Ourense. She regularly teaches bookbinding and illustration workshops.

Lately she has begun to exhibit her work in individual and collective exhibitions besides working on comissioned illustrations. She is a versatile artists in whose work the different disciplines like sculpture, drawing, painting and bookbinding interact smoothly. At the moment she mainly paints watercolours plein air in which the urban atmoshere with its lights, shades and continous changes caused by the people living there dominates.

[February, 2014]